OPEN Architects is an architectural firm focused on communication, cooperation and transparency.

OPEN Architects was founded in 2009 by Robert Abrahams and Keith Benjamin. With over 50 years of architectural experience between them, Abrahams and Benjamin have worked on a wide range of project types, including justice, schools, municipal facilities and child care.

We are dedicated to solving problems for our clients through open communication and involvement. Our successful solutions evolve when we include, as appropriate, involvement with our clients and building users, our staff, our consultants and constructors, integrating needs and visions to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

We think it’s important to resolve our clients’ problems using both a high level, principle-based approach and a practical approach. We believe that superior solutions are always possible by integrating both approaches without making trade-offs.

We leverage state of the art technology and information systems to help us accomplish more for our clients while using fewer resources. We use BIM software to coordinate our drawing sets and provide our clients with a full array of visualization options. We maximize our use of collaboration software and remote access so that our staff can provide project input in the most direct and immediate manner possible.

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Communication is the key to setting expectations and achieving results with our clients and within the project team. Our clients may contact us on our personal mobile phones or stop into our storefront office unannounced. Our internal information protocol allows multiple staff members to access project information and to handle immediate project issues even if they are not assigned to the project.

Cooperation with our clients means that we see ourselves as collaborators in the pursuit of our clients’ goals. Although we pride ourselves in our ability to provide valuable advice, we think that we are part of a multilateral conversation where all parties learn from each other and contribute to a successful outcome.

Transparency means that we don’t hide behind a shroud of professional practice; we tell you our working methodology with detailed reports of what we do to bring you value. We think you should only pay for work which brings you value. Our employees are aware of detailed contract, cost and revenue information so that they can stay focused on providing the services you want.